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"The vision for CIA started when I was working as an aesthetic injectables sales rep. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of providing countless trainings and business development to injectors and business owners through the companies I have worked for over the last 10 years (Allergan, Galderma, Evolus).


I started asking the injectors about their initial trainings, and the feedback was always the same. Trainings available were expensive and subpar. Most trainees left trainings feeling unprepared for the real world and either gave up on their dream, or they continued their pursuit of other training opportunities = more money and more possible disappointment. If they were one of the lucky ones, they met a rep who was willing to invest in them, which is almost like winning the aesthetics lottery. 


Over the past decade, I’ve helped new injectors get started and I’ve helped seasoned injectors perfect their craft by connecting them to the right people. I have a passion for those entering the space to learn the right way and to also be a part of their extended learning journey. 


That’s when I thought of CIA. A place where people could learn how to inject but also a community of people who lift each other up! We want to provide the best education, encompassing all things relating to aesthetics. From the clinical side of things to running your own aesthetics business. That’s what CIA is all about." 

- Misty Oliver, Founder / Brand Ambassador

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